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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I add a fanpage to Fanalyzer?
To add any UK fanpage or application to Fanalyzer, please use this link.

2. Why can't I add my fanpage to Fanalyzer?
There are several reasons why you may receive errors while trying to add your fanpage to our directory:
a) Fanalyzer only monitors fanpages and aplications, not profile pages or groups. Please don't try adding profile pages or groups to Fanalyzer.
b) Fanalyzer only monitors UK fanpages. Don't try adding fanpages from other countries to Fanalyzer.

3. How can I move my fanpage into a different category?
You can't do it on your own. The only way you can move a fanpage to a different category is by contacting us with your fanpages' facebook address and the category you want it to be moved do. Contact us here.

4. I registered my fanpage but it's just not there! Why?
There are several reasons why your fanpage may not appear in the directory although you have registered it yourself.
a) All pages over 500 fans are manually filtered so it may take some time to be approved. (usually not more than a few business hours)
b) Your page is not an UK fanpage