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Fanalyzer.co.uk Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 2018

This document presents the policies of Fanalyzer.co.uk and the legal entities that manage them, concerning data and users protection, policies compatible with the highest user protection principles, European GDPR legislation, other national and international legislative elements, and, last but not least, with common sense.

Both Fanalyzer.co.uk's services and the legal entities that manage them are dedicated to protecting data confidentiality, compliance with applicable law and good industry practices. We are permanently participating through these legal entities in industry-wide self-regulatory activities that permanently define industry excellence standards and contribute to activities aimed at maximizing their coverage, and we believe that this should be an implicit responsibility for each commercial activity.

This document is intended to provide you with our permanent dedication to protect you and to facilitate your enjoyment of our services.

Our services do not process personal user data, but only aggregate and anonymous public figures about the performance of various business entities on the social networks we analyze, as well as fragments of content on third-party sites.

There are some special situations where we may ask or give you the opportunity to provide us with minimal sets of personal data, subject to the law, with your explicit and informed consent and consent, and these are:

1.	We ask for your consent to the use of anonymous cookies on our site, as defined below, which you can express on your first visit to the site. In case of a positive response to our agreement, you will not need one unless you change your device / operating system / browser or access us from places / on different devices. In the event of a denial of this possibility, you will not be restricted in using our services, but you may need to mention / specify this at each visit on our site.

2.	 In case you request additional information or wish to contact us for any reason through the contact details mentioned on the site, we will ensure that we will use the personal data you provide to us in these conversations only to respond to you and only for individual correspondence deemed necessary by both parties. We ensure that we will not use this data for any other purpose without your explicit and informed consent and that we will protect your privacy against third parties. For any details related to this personal data, your rights and any claims related to it, under the law, you may contact the personal data officer of this service at dpo@fanalyzer.co.uk and you will receive a answer within 5 working days.

3.	If you would like to log in to Fanalyzer.co.uk through third-party services, we invite you to read the dedicated section of this document for this option.

4.	In the event that we will have content that we will provide based on an email subscription, we will facilitate the expression of an explicit explicit consent based on the terms of that content program.

5.	If you consider that any of the third-party content we automatically download (for example, from the descriptions of the social networking sites) contains personal data, you can contact us at dpo@fanalyzer.co.uk and you will receive a response within a maximum of 5 business days.


Fanalyzer.co.uk uses anonymous cookies. These are text files that your browser interprets to personalize the various aspects of your site navigation on our site, on the one hand, and on the other hand provide us with anonymized statistics about how our services are used, for to allow us to improve them, or for security purposes.

Although we process them only statistically, in anonymous or pseudonymous form, as appropriate, we can collect data such as the IP address, the type and version of the browser and operating system used to access our sites, the pages accessed, the order in which visit time, duration of visit, frequency of similar visits, other identifiers communicated by the device used to access our sites, and other diagnostic items that are anonymous once they pass from collection to analysis.

Beyond the consent options we offer you for our websites, depending on the browser you are using, you can adjust your cookie settings at the site level and/or globally, for all your onlin navigation.

By accepting the consent forms available at the first access to all Fanalyzer.co.uk services, let Fanalyzer.co.uk place cookies on your computer for the purposes stated above.

Both Fanalyzer.co.uk's services and the legal entities that manage them will ensure that they will not use cookies or other tracking methods other than those detailed here or for purposes other than the above except for exceptional circumstances share the data described below.

Cases of exceptional data sharing

Both Facebrands and the legal entities that manage them can share the data you collect only in the following exceptional cases:

- If there is any legal obligation or a court decision to do so
- In order to protect and defend the property rights of Facebrands and the legal entities that manage them
- In order to prevent or investigate possible illegal or immoral activities that use or affect both Facebrands and legal entities that manage them
- To ensure the safety of the users of the service or the public

Data security

Both Fanalyzer.co.uk's services and the legal entities that manage them will ensure that they are dedicated to protecting all the data they collect, as well as the entire process of collecting, anonymizing / pseudonimizing. For pseudonymized data, pseudonymisal keys are kept separate, under peak security with current technologies.

Third-party service providers

The Fanalyzer.co.uk software and hardware architecture involves the use of a mix of third-party vendors to ensure their smooth operation. We ensure that we carefully choose these providers, ensure that they have data protection policies that are compatible with those described above, and that we periodically review them to ensure this.

We recommend that you use licensed software, antivirus and antimalware solutions, and be alert to the sites you visit, the software and the extensions / plugins you download to provide you with an experience more secure on the internet.

Web traffic analysis
In order to understand and optimize users' access to the information provided on our sites, we use dedicated page monitoring and analysis services.

We are currently using Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and reports traffic to your site. Google uses the data collected to track and monitor the use of our Service. This data is shared with other Google services. Google can use the data collected to contextualize and customize ads on its own advertising network.
If you do not want to allow this analysis on our sites, you can specify this in the explicit consent form displayed at your first visit.
For more information about Google's privacy practices, visit the Google Privacy and Google Terms of Service https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en

Third-party authentication (e.g., Facebook Login)

For ease of use, Fanalyzer.co.uk will allow third-party authentication. Their use implies the observance of the terms and conditions of the respective services.

Fanalyzer.co.uk does not obtain or store your access data in those services, and will never ask you by email or other means.

In the event of unauthorized third-party account authentication, either because of unavailability of this account, either because of loss of access to the account or because of unavailability of the service, we invite you to contact us at contact@fanalyzer.co.uk. Fanalyzer.co.uk is not responsible for any of these situations, but we will try to offer you, as far as possible, an alternative access option.

For any questions about how we strictly adhere to this privacy policy, we invite you to contact us at contact@fanalyzer.co.uk We aim to improve it permanently, just as we improve the other aspects of our business and our future improvements of this policy or updates according to changes or legislative news will be present on the same page throughout the duration of our services.

External links to third-party sites

Fanalyzer.co.uk services may contain links to other sites that are not managed by us and over which we have no control. If you access such a link, you will be redirected to that site, which will have another privacy policy. If you want to know the privacy policy of any external site, we invite you to consult it on that site. There is also the possibility that an external link to a third-party site does not have a public privacy policy, and Fanalyzer.co.uk sites are not able to know this. We have no control and we can not assume any responsibility for the content, privacy policies or otherwise or any practices of other sites and services independent of us.

We also have no control over third-party content items that we automatically extract (for example, from descriptions of social networking sites). However, if they contain personal data, we reserve the right to protect them by removing them from Fanalyzer.co.uk's sites whenever we discover such a situation or it is reported to us by our users. However, we do not have control over content items that remain on those pages of social networks.

Protecting minors

Due to the nature of the information we provide, our services are aimed at professionals in the areas of marketing, sales, communication, entrepreneurship, online marketing, social media etc. and therefore do not address people under the age of 18.

So we do not collect or hold personal data from people under 18. However, if you think there is an accidental occurrence of such data having come into contact with one of our services, please contact us and we will ensure that we delete them promptly from our servers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Depending on the development of our services, the continued development of technology and possible legislative changes at national, continental or global level that may affect the terms of this Privacy Policy, Fanalyzer.co.uk services and the legal entities that manage them the right to change it, but it will ensure our continued care to defend and protect your rights, both in our sites and in the self-regulatory activities we involve.

We will try to inform you as soon as possible or promptly of these changes on each site on which they will become active and will try to explain to you how well they are and how it affects you. We invite you to come back to this page anytime you have any questions, and write us anytime at contact@fanalyzer.co.uk and dpo@fanalyzer.co.uk