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Last Updated: May 2018

General Information

These conditions may be modified by at any time. You will be notified via the website of each change. Using the service after introducing these changes confirms your knowledge and acceptance of the new conditions. Date of last modification: May 2018. is a service that monitors, analyses and graphically represents and reports the information provided by social networks about the commercial pages created by people, companies, and institutions. uses public data sets provided directly by monitored sites and social networks based on implicit or explicit agreements with them. While we strive to maximize both the accuracy and availability of these data, is not responsible in any way for these issues and cannot be held responsible in any circumstances due to them.

All information present on is provided as it is, without any warranty as to the accuracy of the data or graphic presentation, availability or graphic representation. is not responsible for any situation caused by the use of the data provided. may request or receive suggestions for improvement, but it is not bound to implement them. These suggestions can refer to both the sets of information used, the graphical representation of the information, and the structure in which the information is provided for viewing. is a service offered via the Internet, and it is the responsibility of all people who use it to buy the necessary hardware, a compatible browser and a fast enough internet connection. Apart from these, various factors may affect Internet access to services and is not responsible for them.

Important! Your use of the information provided by

Free access to can be done without registration / authentication, but if you use this information in any public documents or publications, you have to specify the source. If the information provided by is used on a public web page, it is mandatory, in addition to mentioning the source, to include a visible link to or the page from which the information has been taken. Otherwise, may choose limit your access to the free version of

If you use the PRO service, on a subscription basis, we invite you to access the terms and conditions associated with it (link)

Terms and conditions for PRO version

The service also applies, in addition to the terms and conditions of use for (link),  a set of specific provisions, which include:

Regular Access to - the PRO version

Access to the advanced reports - PRO version is based on a contract, doubled by paying a monthly subscription. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit access to these reports to accounts that do not comply with payment terms or other conditions agreed by contract or by the present document.

Trial PRO version during test periods allows access for a trial period based on a trial usage agreement, but may decide to suspend it at any time. Trial access does not imply any obligation to purchase a subscription, nor any contractual obligation for to provide the service without interruption, with all standard facilities or maximum capacity. may at any time discontinue any agreed access for a trial period without the obligation to notify you and is not liable for any damages that may arise from this interruption.

Important! Your Use of the information provided by PRO version

Access to advanced reports PRO allows their use, as they are on, in internal or private presentations, with source reference. For use in public communications of this information, you must contact us by email at to check them.

In either case, you will not use the information provided by PRO for any illegal or immoral activity, and assumes no responsibility in this case. Furthermore, if has reason to suspect the use of the information provided by for any illegal or immoral activity, may unilaterally decide to suspend suspicious accounts without any obligation to provide explanations or to continue communication.

You are directly responsible for the entire activity of your PRO account, no matter who uses it. We reserve the right to monitor the activity in your PRO account, and if we have reason to suspect that your account originates any activity that is against these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate the contract and refuse access to our services for any period of time.