launches as a live monitoring service for UK fanpages

28th of February, London: Over 2500 UK fanpages created by institutions, companies and individuals are now listed on, a fanpage monitoring service that launches today in the UK. offers two services:

  • a free fanpage directory, listing them based on the number of fans, in their respective categories, also showing the evolution of these figures by day and week;
  • a premium, subscription service for marketers and agencies that shows a complete actionable analysis of any fanpage’s performance, compared to its competing fanpages and their overall category. (contact us for a demo)

Free, publicly available and flexible UK fanpage directory

Besides watching their relevant fanpage categories, social media marketers and agencies can also now see what are the fastest growing fanpages in the UK by visiting the Top Rising section where they are split in 4 volume-based groups.  They can also add the fanpages they manage or other pages that they wish to monitor through the “Submit a page” form. launches with several other features: a UK Facebook user demographics page updated in real-time, an Apps section, showing the activity on UK-based Facebook apps, and two of its own applications called “Top Pages Your Friends Like” and “Pages You(‘d) Like”, the latter  also offering fanpage suggestions.

The directory is growing fast, new pages are being added on a daily basis, and is estimated to reach over 5000 pages by the end of March. Users can also contact us to add their fanpages to the directory, or submit suggestions of fanpage classifications.

Complete Fanpage Actionable Analysis

Premium subscribers will soon have the chance to directly compare fanpage  growth, activity and user engagement in the context of their fanpage’s category, that is, in comparison to their competing fanpages.

“Our methodology goes beyond just counting user interactions. By putting all the figures in context and by matching them against one another, you can have a real analysis of your fanpage’s performance and you can see what you can do in order to improve it”, says Ionut Oprea,  co-owner of and manager of STANDOUT.

“With the premium subscription you can also closely follow your competition and understand what results their social media activities and campaigns have had, so you can apply them yourself”, adds Andrei Stefan, co-owner of and manager of BYTE FLUX.

Please contact us for more info(see below). Email contact at fanalyzer dot co dot uk.

About is a fanpage monitoring system created by two companies based in Bucharest, Romania: STANDOUT, a social media marketing agency and BYTE FLUX, a web development company. The Romanian version of Fanalyzer already monitors over 11.000 fanpages and is used by more than 2000 marketers every day.

For daily updates, please follow Fanalyzer on Facebook and  @fanalyzeruk on Twitter


STANDOUT is a social media marketing agency based in Bucharest, Romania, running social media campaigns on blogs and social networks since 2007. We have created the most developed blog advertising market in Eastern Europe and we work with the largest advertising agencies in Romania for large local and international clients (Coca-Cola, Unilever, Microsoft, Toshiba, UPC, Klm)

BYTE FLUX is  a web development company based in Bucharest, Romania, that has been working for some of the largest publishers in Romania, on web-based, facebook and iOs application projects. The BYTE FLUX team has over 7 years experience in web and mobile application development.

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