Half of UK Fanpages monitored by Fanalyzer.co.uk have the new Timeline

London, 28th of March 2012: An analysis ran by Fanalyzer.co.uk, the monitoring service for UK Fanpages, shows that half(50.47%) of the 7.450 fanpages monitored permanently by the service have adopted the Timeline format, by the 27th of March, with only 3 days until all Facebook pages are automatically upgraded to the new format.

Out of the top 100 UK Fanpages by the total number of fans, 63 have already implemented the new Timeline format by the 27th of March. The largest brand pages, by the number of fans, to have the new Timeline already implemented are Burberry, Mini, Cadbury, Diesel, Asos and KLM.

The categories with the highest percentage of pages with Timeline, among the UK pages monitored by Fanalyzer.co.uk, are Products, Blogs, House & Gardening, Sports and Automotive, while the categories with the most pages that already have the Timeline are Music, Local businesses, Fashion, Arts and culture and Local stores.

Most of UK Fanpages monitored by Fanalyzer.co.uk have upgraded to the Timeline in the first half of March 2012 (2477, 65.91%) while 1281 pages have implemented the new format in the last half of March(34, 09%).

See the complete analysis below:

Top Categories of fanpages by % of pages that have the Timeline

Place Category Have Timeline All Pages % Have Timeline
1 Products 16 26 61.54
2 Blogs 27 44 61.36
3 House & Gardening 22 36 61.11
4 Sports 137 231 59.31
5 Automotive 63 107 58.88
6 Radio 54 92 58.70
7 Group Buying 61 104 58.65
8 Online Stores 106 181 58.56
9 Fashion 245 425 57.65
10 Nonprofit 155 270 57.41

Top Categories of fanpages by number of fanpages with Timeline

Place Category Have Timeline All Pages % Have Timeline
1 Music 376 730 51.51
2 Local businesses 281 490 57.35
3 Fashion 245 425 57.65
4 Arts & Culture 241 485 49.69
5 Local stores 156 288 54.17
6 Nonprofit 155 270 57.41
7 Events 148 272 54.41
8 Sports 137 231 59.31
9 Food & Beverage 131 260 50.38
10 Clubs & Pubs 129 232 55.60

With over 35 engagement KPIs for over 7400 fanpages, category averages as a benchmark for each one, a dedicated intelligence section for monitoring off-fanpage activity, and dedicated publishing, tracking and even sharing trend detecting tools, Fanalyzer PRO (pro.fanalyzer.co.uk ) launched at  the this year edition of  TFMA Conference and Expo.

Fanalyzer PRO (pro.fanalyzer.co.uk ) helps social media managers, agency strategists copywriters and all marcom specialists handling Facebook activities to completely understand the engagement performance of all UK fanpages, to benchmark each KPI against the average of the specific category/market of each page, to see what generates the most engagement in the whole category and what they can improve in order to improve their results against the benchmark.

The Fanalyzer PRO service, available at pro.fanalyzer.co.uk for trial tests, also shows samples of commercial activities (case studies of campaigns, ads and tabs, individual and associated with campaigns) both in real time and historically and even alerts its clients whenever their competitors become active on Facebook.

“We put every indicator in the context of its category average which tells you instantly how good any figure  is and then you can look at what can you improve by looking at the top perfomances in your category”, says Andrei Stefan, managing partner of the Fanalyzer services in the UK together with Ionut Oprea.

About Fanalyzer

Fanalyzer services (fanalyzer.co.uk and pro.fanalyzer.co.uk ) were created by a small team headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, and also represented in London, UK. The Romanian version of the service, called Facebrands, is the leading Facebook analytics and intelligence service in Romania, being used by most major digital agencies.

Fanalyzer.co.uk was launched in 2011 but the Fanalyzer PRO version arrived in the UK at the 2012 edition of the TFMA. Fanalyzer.co.uk currently monitors over 7400 UK-based fanpages.

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